Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farmageddon - An eye-opening film coming to the Twin Cities in October

Over the last month or so, I've mentioned in my posts there has been several projects that have been occupying my time. The biggest is us trying to buy a home and getting ready to move. We are still figuring out that part, but another project that has been exciting to be a part of is working with an amazing crew of people who have been diligently combining their efforts to bring an important documentary about what is happening to small, family-run farms in the United States to the Twin Cities.

This amazing crew is known as Farmesota. They are a grass-roots community of people who are passionate about local food and food freedom, and have come together to bring Farmageddon to Minnesota.

Farmageddon introduces us to farmers and their heart breaking stories of struggling to keep their family run farms operational while they have had their animals taken and killed, had their product destroyed, their farms invaded and themselves being threatened with incarceration. However, this is more than about farmers' stories, this film is truly about our right and freedom to choose how we feed ourselves and our families.
- If it's okay to purchase fast food every meal of every day, despite the known consequences it can cause to ones health...

- If we can purchase cigarettes and kill not only our lungs but those who we stand near and are stuck breathing the second hand smoke...

- If we can fill our bodies with any number of over-the-counter and prescribed drugs...

- If we can eat meat and produce that is often recalled not in small quantities, but by thousands upon thousands of pounds...
Certainly then, we should have the right to decide if we want to eat healthy, organic, real food direct from the source, where we can actually have a personal relationship with the person(s) growing, harvesting, milking, producing, processing our food. Does that seem so wrong? 

As the film’s director Kristin Canty states, the crux of the issue is “simply about freedom of food choice, because without it, we simply aren’t free.”

Please come join us and learn about what is happening to our family farmers both throughout our nation and also on the local level, as well as how this affects you. Take a moment to click over to the Farmesota website and buy your tickets now.
The first showing is Saturday, October 15th at St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis starting at 1:30 PM. The second showing is Sunday, October 16th at Bryant Lake Bowl at 3:00 PM.

At St. Anthony Main we'll also have time for people in the audience to have questions answered by a panel of local experts. Learn firsthand what's happening to farmers in Minnesota, and what you can do to protect your access to local, sustainably-produced foods.

There are a limited number of tickets, so take a moment and purchase your tickets now and SPREAD THE WORD! We need all the help we can get to get the word out about this film. Chat it up, send it out through the social networks, tweet it and let's see what a difference we can make by first informing ourselves and then learning how to take action and step up for our rights.
Los Angeles Times Review
“Kristin Canty’s Farmageddon is well-titled. It’s an eye-popping wake-up call revealing how the USDA and FDA have increasingly waged war on America’s small farmers even when they can prove they are contributing healthful products to our food supply.”
One last note, everything that is earned after paying operating costs is being donated to the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund.  Check out the benefits of this excellent non-profit organization which protects both farms and consumers, and learn how you can become a member.

Hope to see you there!

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