Ingredient Resources

This area is dedicated to providing resources for ingredients I use in the recipes on my blog. Most ingredients can be purchased at your local co-op, however, if you don't have access to one, this is the place to come.

If ordering online, try and do larger orders by ordering with a friend(s). Many websites discount their items when you buy them in bulk. I do this all the time and the savings is worth it. Also, many of the sights I've listed sell a lot more then what I've put down.

If you have resources for healthy ingredients and they aren't on this list, please share them with me and I'll add them. Hopefully this will be an ever growing list and an excellent resource for purchasing and making healthy, organic food!

Arrowroot powder
Radiant Life 

Coconut oil
Tropical Traditions 

Coconut flour

Cod liver oil
Radiant Life 
Tropical Traditions 

Cornstarch - GMO free 

Flour - organic pre-ground
Summers Sprouted Flour Co - They sell organic sprouted flour.  
Grains - for grinding organic flour at home

Mineral Supplements
Radiant Life 

Farm on Wheels - St. Paul, MN farmers market

Nuts - organic and raw  
Rapadura sugar

Raw Milk

Radiant Life 

Starter for Cultured Products
Cultured for Health