My Art

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My first reason for wanting to create a blog was to begin to display my current artwork. I mostly work with acrylic on canvas and focus on nature and color and not necessarily nature as seen through your eyes or a photograph, but playing up on texture, detail and color. This gives me the creative license I love and most often enjoy painting. If there is one thing I've learned through the creativity of my Creator, is the creative license He's taken and that exists in the world. You think you've seen the way a tree should look or how a sunrise should be and before you know it your stunned by the vast differences that can be exhibited in both. A tree can turn every which direction or be covered in who knows what, creating a great variation in color and texture and the sunrise is continuously changing in every imaginable way. It's fascinating and beautiful. I'm also intrigued by the lines and curvature of the woman's body. They're beautiful and lend themselves to being drawn. The curves follow through into much of my other work and leave endless designs to be discovered. 

 ©2010, Therese Asmus, "Trees 1"
Acrylic on canvas, 48" x 36"

  ©2010, Therese Asmus "Woman"
Acrylic on canvas, 30"x40"

 ©2010, Therese Asmus, "Dandelion"
Acrylic on canvas, 48"x36"

 ©2010, Therese Asmus "Dandelions 2"
Acrylic on canvas, 12"x36", 12"x36", 12"x36"

©2010, Therese Asmus "A Bit of Fantasy"
Acrylic on Canvas, 48"x9"

©2010, Therese Asmus, Untitled Diptych
Acrylic on layered canvas, panel 1 48"x11", panel 2 48"x14"

 ©2010, Therese Asmus "Blue 1" and "Blue 2"
Acrylic on canvas, 12"x12"

©2010, Therese Asmus "Red 1" and "Red 2"
Acrylic on canvas, 12"x12"