Monday, May 16, 2011

a quick little update on the quietness of this blog

For those of you who may have noticed, my blog has been rather silent as of late. I've been taking time to do research on my next real food post, along with a couple of other subjects and also take care of home life. I find that I can only take on so many projects at a time, while still being the mom I want to be for my children.

My husband and I have been spending the last month or two trying to evaluate what we can do to pay off a significant portion of our debt, so that we only have a school loan to pay on. We decided that it was time to start selling things. So the last couple of weeks I've been going through everything in our place trying to decide what we need, want, like, don't use, etc., so we can decide what is best to sell. Plus, we are hoping to move some time this summer and I want to get rid of all the "stuff" that accumulates over time, but has no real purpose. I've basically gone through every closet, storage place, drawer and even the garage trying to get rid of things. As I've been doing that, I took a hiatus from blogging. I've also been spending a lot more time reading the Bible and praying, trying to make sure that i keep the Lord first and for most in my life. I find it far to easy to have the Lord fall by the waste side while I try to get all the many things done that plague my mind on a daily basis and that was becoming a serous issues once again in my life. I think I'll always fight not taking on too much and keeping the Lord first, but for now He is up front and revealing so much to me that I can't help but enjoy every moment in prayer and reading His Word. It's been wonderful and rejuvenating.

The blog will be silent for a couple more weeks, while we head out to visit family for vacation. Then June will be here and I have many posts I hope to share, especially ones focusing on "how to" versus specific recipes. Like how to make lard, kefir, different types of cheeses. The month will be kicked off with my next post in the Real Food Series I started several months ago (Click here to check out the Intro and Part 1 and Part 2 of How Our Diet Changed in the 20th Century).

Also, if you haven't noticed, my recipe and art page haven't been updated since last fall. I hope to get those back up to speed soon and there just might even be a new website coming in the near future. Lot's of updating needs to be done!!!! Oh and if anyone has recommendations of how to get a soon to be 14 month old to sleep through the night, let me know! How I can't wait to have a full night sleep again and not be tired so often! :)


  1. Just reading this is helpful in my own life. I, too, though at a different stage in life than you, am going through things and trying to scale down my possessions, keeping only what I really need and use.
    Putting God first is always such a good easy to put that on the back burner when so busy.
    Have a wonderful trip!!

  2. I have been thinking about "clearing out" unused items also...we should make it a blog/block yard sale of sorts!Good luck on yours and your new series, sounds exciting. PS tonight my daughter and I were talking about getting down to the roots of certain things we hang on to,,, that is another place I am going to start clearing out once and for all. Amen

  3. Fun idea 1-2Punch. Cleaning out and getting rid of stuff is always such a freeing feeling, at least for me.

    And my mother and I have had many a conversation most likely similar to the one you and your daughter were going to have. I hope it went well!


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