Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Favorite Recipes From 2010

Although I shared the top 10 posts of 2010 yesterday, I wanted to share my personal favorite recipes from this year. Some of you are new to my blog and unfamiliar with some of the recipes I've shared or perhaps you missed a post (We'll skip over the fact that perhaps some of my posts didn't interest you! :-) Just teasing!) The list of 10 is in no particular order.

This ice cream has become a quick favorite in our home. When fresh peppermint is in season, along with fresh raw milk cream from a wonderful local farm, it's a hard dessert to pass up on. It's sweetened with honey and I take advantage of an extremely dark chocolate that's 90% organic cocoa. Don't skip out on using a good chocolate. dark chocolate is much healthier for you than milk chocolate and in the ice cream the flavor of dark is superb. All in all, it's rather healthy for you when it comes to desserts! 

This dish was on my list for my Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2010. I had never had beef pho before trying to master this recipe and all I can say is I now have a very, very special place in my heart for this truly exquisite meal. Perfect for the cool weather as long as you can find the fresh ingredients. If you've never tried beef pho before, you absolutely must try this recipe out. 

This was one of the first recipes I shared on my blog. It's a favorite in our home during the winter months when canned salmon makes a more regular appearance. These salmon cakes are easy to make and rather refreshing with the hint of lemon in them and a kick of heat from the hot sauce we add to the side. 

Since finding this recipe on the blog Stone Soup, I have been in love. I now make this bread every week and it's basically the only bread we eat. It's wonderful toasted for breakfast or sliced thinly for opened faced sandwiches. I have made it with white bread flour, fresh ground wheat flour and a mix of both and they all turn out wonderful. The all wheat is a bit denser and doesn't get quite the height of the white bread flour, but it's equally delicious. It's a no knead bread and as long as you have a healthy sourdough starter, this bread takes very little effort to make on your part.

I love this post because I was one of those confused people trying to figure out how to navigate through the mass of contradictory information on making a sourdough starter. Making your own starter is easy to do and it only requires two ingredients - flour and water. In 2011 I have plenty of sourdough recipes to share, so be prepared to begin to make your own starter, if you aren't already. You'll love all that you can do with it. 

Knowing how to make your own broth or stock is a must in the kitchen of any home cook. Once again it's very easy to do and the nutritional benefits are through the roof. I just made a huge batch of broth and a batch of stock two days ago and once again my freezer is stock full for the many delicious recipes I have in mind.

Who doesn't love dessert and this wonderful cake made with whole wheat flour and luxuriously rich caramel topping is a must.


This is another recipe I make every week. We eat a lot of yogurt in our home and the cost benefit of making your own yogurt is well worth the little effort it takes to make it.  I prefer to use fresh raw, whole milk. 

Before trying this out I had wanted to learn how to make my own mozzarella for a very long time. While I don't make it often, it's a fun food to know how to make and it's far superior to the blocks of mozzarella you'd find at the local grocery store.  Have your kids or friends help out. They'll have a blast stretching the cheese and shaping it. Consider having a mozzarella and pizza making party!

Since originally writing this post, when my blog first started, I have now begun making fresh butter on a regular basis. While I don't make it quite as often in the winter because I don't have access to fresh cream from our local farmer, I do enjoy each and every bite of the butter I froze last fall


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I've added a few of these to my 'must try in 2011' list including the mozzarella and sour dough starter. The latter has been a bit hit or miss (as I keep forgetting to use it) so it'll be great to see some more recipes for using it on your lovely blog.

  2. Oh these are just lovely. I wasn't able to catch all of them when you originally posted them, so I'm thrilled to have this compiled list. Each of your posts is full of thought and beauty. I want to make sourdough bread still! Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope your weekend bursts forth in hope and joy!

  3. I am definitely going to work on catching wild yeast this year. Sour dough has long intimidated me, but 2011 is the year to conquer any and all bread fears!


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