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I'm now offering Norwex Products. If you are looking for a way to clean your home without chemicals, check these products out.

Last week I decided to take a new step and become a Norwex sales consultant. Why? Well, like many woman who are at home, I have been looking for ways to help earn a little extra income for my family. Beyond that though, we are getting ready to move and it has been very important to me to find ways to reduce our chemical use in our new home. It's ultimately been my goal to be completely chemical free, not only with food, but in our environment too. I knew that I wanted our new home to not only be clean, but safe for my children, our pets and my husband and myself. One of the best ways I could see to do that is by cutting out the chemicals I use when I clean.

While I do often use baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean and these are natural products, I have been interested in Norwex for a while after hearing some friend discuss their products a year or two ago. They went on and on about how much they loved Norwex's microfiber cloths. This had me intrigued, but until recently I hadn't actually had an opportunity to try any of the Norwex products myself. One of the items they are most known for, and what my friends said they loved so much, is the Antibacterial Microfiber Cloths. Norwex has incorporated some fascinating technology to create a line of cloths that can wipe away 99.9% of bacteria by just using water. Intriguing, right?

I've put my new microfiber cloths to work and I will very honestly tell you that I have been very impressed. I have other microfiber cloths from different companies, but they don't even begin to compare to how well Norwex's cloths clean. Honestly, I think I had a look of shock on my face when I went to wipe down my chairs at my kitchen table with my new cloth. They are made of unsealed wood, but over time and lots of use have gotten a patina on them from dirty hands and kids that dump things all over them. I have scrubbed these chairs numerous times with a scrub brush, soap and water. While that gets them cleaner, they still have the patina on them. Then I started wiping them down with my new Norwex microfiber cloth that only had water on it. With very little effort the cloth began wiping away layers of the grime on the chairs that had made the patina. Very cool.

Besides cleaning my chairs, I started wiping down the walls by the kitchen table. What can I say, I was in cleaning mode. Again, the cloth with only a bit of water on it, did an excellent job of getting grease marks off the walls from little hand prints.

Next, I grabbed my new window cloth to see if it worked as well as I had been told. I first did the inside of our glass balcony door that my kids had covered in hand prints. With literally no effort at all the cloth wiped the glass completely clean and far, far better than what glass cleaners do. To really put the window cloth to work I cleaned the outside of the door also. This was when I really became impressed, because I was able to very quickly clean the outside of the door and the cloth left no streaks. I think cleaning exterior doors and windows can be such a pain, because no matter how much I try they always seem to streak from the grime that builds up on them. I'll think they are clean and then go inside only to see another place that the grime streaked instead of actually came up. This didn't happen with the Norwex window cloth at all. After the door I went and cleaned the mirror closet doors in our two bedrooms. Still with the same cloth and without rinsing it. The mirrors came perfectly clean and again they were dirty from little hand prints (side note: I actually clean a lot, but I think it must take my kids less than 30 min. to have finger prints on just about every surface in my house. Give them a whole day and you'd never know I spent have the morning cleaning. Ah the fun of being a mom sometimes!) The last place I used the window cloth was on the mirror in the bathroom that always gets splattered from washing hands, faces and teeth. In about a quarter of the time my mirror was spotless and all I used was the window cloth and some water. That is my type of cleaning! Easy, no chemicals and with great results!

How do Norwex Mircofiber Cloths Work?

Where these cloths are different from other microfiber cloths on the market is how they are made. Norwex uses a very fine fiber to make the extremely durable weave of the cloth. The fiber in the cloth is so fine that it can be compared to "a human hair split lengthwise 100 time." 
"Textile fibers are measured in grams per 10,000 meters (dtex). For a fiber to be considered a microfiber it must be 1 dtex or finer. This means a single thread of 10,000 meters must weigh less than 1 gram.
Norwex’s microfiber has a dtex of 0.13. One gram of Norwex microfiber will span over 70,000 meters. In each Norwex Enviro Cloth there is approximately 2.9 million meters of microfiber."
When the cloth is used dry it creates an electrostatic charge that not only attracts particles, but also picks them up. If used wet, "the fibers use capillary vacuum force to pull moisture and grease from the surface up into the fibers." These cloths doesn't spread around the grease, but actually picks it up, leaving a completely clean, clear surface.

There is another part to these cloths that goes beyond the fiber and that is the silver that is in them. Silver antimicrobal properties are becoming more and more well known today. My mother has actually been trying to encourage me to do more research on this very subject, because of the many benefits she has been reading about, particularly in relationship to strengthening the immune system. She has been using Silver Sol to help her own body recover from some severe lung issues (go here to read more about this product and here to purchase). After hearing the things she has had to say, it hit home when I began to hear about the antimicrobal property of Norwex's microfiber cloths because of the silver in them. Below is what Norwex has to say about silver in their products:
"Silver interrupts a cell’s ability to form chemical bonds essential to its survival. Bacteria, viruses and fungi need the bonds for their oxygen metabolism.

The Antibacterial agent is physically embedded inside tiny microfibers. The silver-based agent that Norwex uses is based on micro, not nano-technology.

In laboratory testing, Norwex antibac Microfiber has been proven to remove up to 99.9% of the bacteria from a surface and inactivate it within 24 hours."
These cloths don't kill germs on contact, instead they actually remove them from the surface you are cleaning. Then the silver agent within the microfiber cloths "inhibits the growth of the germs which eventually causes them to become inactive." In the end you are left with a cloth that doesn't have to be cleaned as often because of the silver within it and your home is far cleaner than using most cleaning products on the market. There is also almost no limit to where the cloths can be used. Norwex has designed a variety of microfiber, antibacterial products that can clean just about every place/surface in the home, from the floor to the counters to the windows, from your kitchen to your bathroom.

I certainly don't believe we need to live in a germ free world, but there are certainly times when cutting back the number of germs in our environment has it's benefits. Beyond that though, the cloths simply do a good job of cleaning a variety of surfaces and you only need water to dampen them, or you can use them dry too.

Norwex has plenty of other products that go far beyond their microfiber line. Like their home essentials that include items like laundry detergent, carpet cleaner and mattress cleaner.

For those who are interested in items beyond cleaning, there are bath and body microfiber towels, bath mats and even spa socks. Norwex also has a line of items for children. Almost all of these products are made with the antibacterial silver.

To take things one step further, Norwex has developed a line of organic personal care products, which includes items like face lotion, body scrubs and make-up removal cloths.

If you are interested in learning more about Norwex and the products they offer, check out my new Norwex website where you can see all the items that are available as well as purchase anything that you may be interested in. Always feel free to contact me with questions and I can give you more information on individual products. Perhaps you want to become a Norwex consultant, I can help you there too.

To visit my Norwex site go HERE

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  1. I'm all about chemical-free cleaning these days. =) I've been using a lot of essential oils, 1 tsp of lavender in a spray bottle filled with water is what I use to wipe down almost all of the surfaces in my house! It smells SO good and it's antibacterial!


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