Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watch the documentary FRESH for free this week!

My husband and I just finished watching FRESH and we both thought it was great. Makes me almost want to go and buy land to start my own farm for raising cattle and pigs... well almost. Truly though, it does only encourage us more in our endeavor to live a more sustainable lifestyle. While we aren't going to be the next grass-fed cattle farmer, we certainly are working towards a place where we can grow/raise much of what we eat.

This documentary isn't long, only about 70 minutes. Take a little bit of your time and watch it and see how you feel about the food system that America has created.


FRESH - New thinking about what we're eating


One of the first lines in the movie,  

"When I was in college my roommate was from Pakistan and he said 'George you know Americans fear only one thing, inconvenience." 

What a truthful statement this is and is so many different areas of life going far beyond food.

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