Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Thursday night. We got the kids in bed and my husband headed down to the basement to pull out his turntables and lay down some vinyl. There is someone pretty interested in purchasing them from us and is stopping by tomorrow to test them. If you read my last post about some of the things we are selling to try and pay off our credit card, you'd know selling them fall into the "really hard" category.

I sat on the floor and listened to him spin some of our favorite songs. We fell in love to these songs. Some of our most amazing memorable nights either with friends or just the two of us hanging out, were nights my husband would spin or just play a record and us sitting on the couch simply enjoying each other's company. It's gonna be hard seeing this huge part of our past be sold. But it's a reality. We must move forward, letting our past fall behind and not cling to what is no more. The reality is my husband doesn't play them any more. By the time we get the kids in bed, pick-up the kitchen and completely anything else needed done before bed, there's often not much time/energy to do anything, but relax a little bit before going to bed.

So I continued to sit on the floor listening to him spinning, thinking of all the amazing memories, I laid my head against the wall and listened and remembered and talked about the good times of our past.

Then reality came back and I needed to head back upstairs to check on the kids. I climbed the stairs, kind of stepping out of a memory fog and saw that my son's light was still on. I stood outside of his door and heard him talking quietly to himself. I walked in and there he was laying on his stomach "reading" his Bible. He was telling the story of King David. I told him he needed to go to bed. Before he would lay down though, he asked if I'd read him the story of king David... So I did and then he laid down... I covered him and gave him a kiss goodnight. I turned his light off, closed the door and then stood in the hallway thinking, WOW, this is what life is really about. How cool is it to have my amazing son, my amazing daughter, how cool is it my son has a desire to the know the stories of the Bible and wants to know about God.  Forget holding on to the things of the past, keep the memories, but don't hold on to the stuff. We need to get our debt paid off, we need this not only for ourselves, but especially for our children.

The turntables don't seem quite so important now.


  1. A friend of mine put it this way to me recently, (in the context of dealing with little daily struggles) "In light of eternity, how important is______?" God gave you a beautiful chance there in that moment to see just exactly that. Awesome, thanks for sharing. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.


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