Thursday, June 17, 2010

My First Mushroom Growing Kit

Now this is fun.  A couple of weeks ago I saw that there was a new vendor (at least new to me) at the St. Paul's Farmers Market. It was Birch Creek Forest Products and the very nice gentleman was selling mushroom growing kits that you can do at home. I love mushrooms and I've always wanted to try to grow them at home, but they aren't exactly something you buy seeds for and I've never ventured so far as to buy a kit online.

I couldn't buy the kit a couple of weeks ago, because I knew we were likely going out of town for vacation, so this past Saturday, I went searching for the mushroom man again and was in luck. He was there and armed with more kits. I was able to get one for growing wild Italian mushrooms and in about 3-4 weeks I should be able to start harvesting these beautiful little babies.

The kits were $24 and they included the stand you see in the picture. If you don't need the stand then the mushroom growing bags are $14. Not a bad deal when you consider how expensive mushrooms can be (not your button mushrooms of course, but the specialty ones get very pricey).

Over the next couple of weeks I'll share some pictures and updates of how the kit is doing. Oh and can I just say, I just love the farmers market!


  1. This sounds like a great Christmas present.. I got a card from Thomas Peterson @ the St. Paul farmers market. Going to try calling today to see if they can still get me a kit by Christmas :)

  2. Nice post, any updates?
    I grow King Oyster Mushrooms in my home in Burnsville as a hobby. Didn't know the St. Paul Market had mushrooms. Guess i'll have to take a closer next this year.


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