Saturday, June 26, 2010

A delicious meal on a relaxing Saturday evening.

Just had a wonderful meal, while relaxing on our deck. It's my 30th this weekend and plans haven't gone quite as first plannned, however sometime nothing beats being with your family, relaxing, eating great food and enjoying some wonderful weather.

The menu.....

grilled organic, grass fed hamburgers, topped with some local gorgonzola cheese on homemade whole wheat molasses buns

potato and yam fries

homemade sauerkraut and canned jalapenos from last fall

grilled asparagus bought at the St. Paul farmers market

fresh sour cream from my milk farmer

and for dessert.....

a slice of dark and delicious gluten and dairy free chocolate cake (recipe coming soon, made it with coconut flour and coconut oil)

fresh made peppermint with chocolate chunks ice cream

oh and to top it off a thunderstorm is rolling in, I love the sound of light rain and thunder :-)


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a nice evening. Hope to see you at the park some time this week.


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