Friday, May 7, 2010

Throwing pessimism out the door!

Do you ever find yourself talking in a pessimistic way, but in all reality you aren't feeling pessimistic at all, at least you don't think so? That's been me today, actually that's me every Friday.

Friday's tend to be my busiest day of the week, because I get to use our family far. My husband and I share a car and up until this last fall it worked great because we lived so close to his job. I could get the car whenever I needed or wanted it. However, we moved to the other side of Minneapolis in the fall and we're now a 20+ minute drive away from where he works. Part of why we moved was because we sold our home and decided to focus on getting completely debt free. This lead us to renting and at the time there was slim pickings for what we were looking for, so we ended up on the other side of town. With that all said, it's seems like purchasing a second car would hardly be helping us get debt free and we are making such great progress that neither of us wants that type of setback.

So, back to Fridays. When you only get the car one day during the week that leaves you scrambling to get as much done as possible, you know, get the groceries, run all those fun errands, try to squeeze in a play date for our son and pick-up our farm fresh milk (yes, we get our milk directly from the farmer which is super awesome!) I feel like any time I talk to someone on Fridays all I'm focusing on is all the negatives, like how tired I am (since I'm still nursing Isabella in the middle of the night) and how I can't get everything done. In all reality things aren't that bad, just busy, but my words often don't make things sound that way. I hate it when I do that. Life is good and being tired and busy is sometime just a part of life.

With that all said, I was thinking about all the things I should be focusing on that are good instead of the immediate frustrations of the day. God is continually blessing my life, but if Satan had his way I would never acknowledge or even recognize those blessings.

So here's my thankful list for the day:
1. Isabella had her hip ultrasound today and her hip displasia is correcting itself on it's own and there likely won't be any intervention required! This is super awesome and something our friends and we have been praying about for the last couple of weeks.

2. I can afford to purchase awesome organic food at our co-op each week. What a huge blessing that is!

3. I am able to get organic, raw milk from grass fed cows, directly from a couple who actually cares about how they raise their cows and what goes into the cow's body. This is a rarity and I know quite a few people who would love to have milk like we get, but are unable to.

4. Both of my kids are healthy, happy and currently napping! Those with children can understand the greatness of successful nap time and of course everyone wants kids to be healthy and happy.

5. It's raining here and very chilly, so I've got to be thankful that my family has a nice place to live where we can stay warm and dry. Too many people don't have this.

Overall life is great and so what if the day started too early and I'm tired and my morning was hectic. I need to make sure the optimist in me is more vocal and I need to throw the pessimist side out the door!

Have a fabulous Friday afternoon and evening and a great weekend!

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