Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Some Thoughts

Wow it's 3pm already. I've got a decent amount of stuff done today, but wish the clock said 10am instead. For every item I get off of my to do list, there is two more in it's place. Of course most people probably feel that way. However, today I can't complain too much, because I'm sitting on my porch in the sun typing this. Ah, this is one of the benefits to being a stay at home mom! :-) Now of course we stay at home moms aren't done with our day until the kids are in the bed and then we might be able to have some time to ourselves, so we don't have it all easy like some people naively like to think. However, I'm all about taking advantage of the benefits of being at home, like sitting outside on a gorgeous day, when I can! After a long winter how can you resist the sun? (-:

I'm still working on getting back into a routine. Having a new baby really throws a hitch in things. I love my girl and I'm so happy to have another child, but I do like to be able to get a couple of things done with my day, other than nursing and changing diapers, feeding my son and trying to get one or both of them to sleep. I miss the simple things like paying bills, okay that one is not true, but I'd sure like to have my house a whole lot cleaner and get back to working on recipes and some artwork. Thankfully a routine is slowly starting to happen. Isabella is beginning to get into a schedule of wake and sleep. My son Noah was sleeping through the night at 3 weeks, I was hoping the same for my daughter, but she likes to eat and has no problem with me having to get up at her call around 2 AM. She also doesn't mind falling back asleep as soon as you start nursing her letting me spend the next hour trying to wake her up for more then 5 minute increments so she'll sleep for a good 3-4 hours instead of an hour. (-: Noah is also settling back into his daily activities now that family is gone and he has adjusted to have a little sister at home. Thankfully he's doing great with Isabella, although he's a bit overly curious with her eyes and is fascinated with gently poking her to see what she'll do.

Okay my break must be done and I need to finish cleaning. I'm determined to have the main floor of our place clean by dinner. I'm done with the kitchen, which meant thoroughly cleaning out the fridge and giving the floor a good cleaning, among other things. Now on to the living room.

Hopefully a post with a recipes for meatballs will be coming tonight or tomorrow. We'll see how much the kids let me get done! (-:

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